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The Army ROTC is a program that will allow you to take elective (Military Science) courses along with your academic core curriculum coursework. Start Strong in life – enroll in Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), the college elective for undergraduate and graduate students that provides unrivaled leadership training for success in any career field.  You can enroll your freshman and sophomore years without any obligation. You will learn the building blocks for leadership skills and tactics which will allow you to succeed as an Army Officer. If you have a passion for it, you can find a place to fit in the Army as an officer and get the training you need to turn that passion into a career. Available at over 1,100 colleges and universities nationwide, it offers merit-based scholarships that can pay up to the full cost of tuition and open educational opportunities. Whether you’re in high school, college or already in the Army, you can become an officer in today’s Army through joining ROTC.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Students who strive towards excellence and want something more out of their college experience. We want students who are leaders that are ready to be challenged physically and mentally as they learn what it takes to be an officer in the U.S. Army.


The Department of Military Science houses the required academics for Army ROTC. There are a total of 21 credit hours required;18 credit hours come from the Military Science classes taken each semester and the remaining 3 credit hours come from the History Department for the mandatory Military History class. *JROTC and basic training can waive up to 6 credit hours of Military Science classes.

In addition to the Military Science classes, physical training is conducted three times a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, beginning at 0535 and our Leadership Labs are from 1500-1600 on Wednesdays.

Graduate students may also participate in the program by attending an approved Cadet Command training course or military basic training before entering the program.

Campus Visits

We encourage future Cadets to visit campus to learn more about what the university has to offer and to see if becoming a member of the Crimson Tide Battalion is the right path for you. Schedule your visit today!  Visit this site to schedule a campus visit.

Nursing Student Information

The ROTC Program is also looking for highly skilled nursing students that are interested in serving as an Army Nurse. Please see the links below for information about the Nursing Programs at The University of Alabama.

Army Nursing

Capstone College of Nursing

Army ROTC offers summer training $5K bonus to qualified college sophomores contracted into ROTC!

The U.S. Army is looking for the best and brightest college students in the country to lead America’s Soldiers as they conduct operations around the world from relief efforts in Puerto Rico to combat operations in the middle east. The Army understands that many college students do not know what they will do after their collegiate career is over. The Army is offering a limited opportunity to current college sophomores who have the physical stamina and mental agility to lead America’s Army tomorrow and into the future.

A newly established $5,000.00 bonus will be awarded to current college sophomores who can pass the challenge of attending cadet basic training and accept the mission to lead the finest Soldiers in the world.  For more information Click Here or contact The University of Alabama Army ROTC at 205-348-5917.

         2019 May Commissioned Officers

                       2LT Anderson: Ordnance

                       2LT Carey: Transportation Corps

                       2LT Costine: Adjutant General

                       2LT Crowe: Transportation Corps

                       2LT Dougherty: Infantry

                       2LT Edwards: Corps of Engineers

                       2LT Gobel: Infantry

                       2LT Hall: Quartermaster

                       2LT Impavido: Quartermaster

                       2LT Jewell: Infantry

                       2LT McKinley: Signal Corps (Branch Detail Infantry)

                       2LT Robinson: Signal Corps

                       2LT Sinnott: Quartermaster

                       2LT Sisson: Military Police

                       2LT Threatts: Field Artillery

                       2LT Tillery: Military Intelligence

                       2LT Tucker: Military Police