German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

  • November 21st, 2017
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The cadets were given the opportunity to earn their German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge over the course of a 3-day event. On day 1, the cadets were tested with CBRN gas mask donning followed by the 100-meter swim in uniform. Today’s lab featured the Tactical Combat Casualty Care portion of the badge with participants being assessed in six areas; Applying a tourniquet, applying a pressure dressing, applying a splint, evacuating a casualty on a litter, treating different burn types, and sending a 9-Line Medical Evacuation Report. Day 2 of the GAFPB was the Basic Fitness Test. Cadets began with a 10-meter shuttle sprint 11 times between two cones in under 60 seconds, then a flexed arm hang for longer than at least 5 seconds, and finished with a 1 km run in under 6:30. Points were awarded based on completion times. The total points are averaged to determine whether Cadets have earned bronze, silver, or gold. Eligible Cadets moved on to the 12 km road march and pistol shoot.┬áThe final stage of the GAFPB began with a 12km road march in under 2 hours and then moved to the pistol qualification course. In order to qualify for bronze, Cadets had to hit each of three targets once. To qualify for silver, 4 out of 5 shots had to hit the targets and each target had to have at least one hit. To qualify for gold, all 5 shots had to hit the targets and each target had to have at least one hit. The awards were presented following the pistol qualification. UA Army ROTC would like to thank SGM Hartmann for approaching the battalion about this opportunity and we look forward to having him return to facilitate this badge in the future. We would also like to recognize and thank MAJ Peterson, CPT Campbell, and SFC Palmer for facilitating this award.